With Alpine Guide Michele Maggioni and Pietro Dal Pra – Powered by TrangoWorld

The intention of Urban Wall and of this WS in the context of the Milano Climbing Expo20 event is to give an acceleration to the world of paraclimbing, believing it is time to make everyone with disabilities understand that climbing is a discipline for everyone, not only for the “heroes” and at the same time bring them closer to the “able-bodied”.

The person who will participate in the workshop to underline this concept are disabled athletes with strong impairments or impaired vision or with serious coordination problems or functional limitations … but they will show everyone how climbing is always a viable discipline for them and also with success.

You can climb all by “simulating” these disabilities, thus directly understanding that climbing is possible for everyone, you will be guided as a “blind person” and you will try the various limitations when performing simple maneuvers that are usually trivial (making a knot, put on either harness or shoes, belaying).

The intent of the workshop is to involve both “able-bodied” and “disabled” people all together in a climbing party!

Davide Battistella, president of the FASI will also be present, who will be able to tell what the federation has promised to undertake in this direction.