Lorenzo Puri

Lorenzo Puri

Treviso, 1995

On the boulder sent up to 8B +, while on Lead up to 8C +.

He is part of the Urban Wall route setter team and likes to talk like this on himself: “I have beautiful memories of the first days in the mountains and cliffs, they are etched in the mind and certainly will not go away. Even today, writing these lines, a smile is printed on my face. I was about 12 years old when my father took me for the first time to climb, but despite having a lot of fun during the days spent in the mountains, I did not immediately have a great interest, perhaps because I already practiced other sports at a competitive level. Then at 16 years the beginning of the real “disease”. I began to visit a lot of places in Italy and Europe, knowing many people, many new friends and especially building experiences, one after the other. This, despite the ups and downs, led me to a strong inner growth that helped me become the person I am today. My way of thinking, seeing and being has completely changed. I’m sure climbing is a lifestyle, will continue to give me a lot more lessons and satisfactions and I’m sure I want to continue on this line, because that’s what I love doing”.

GENERAL DISARRAY (8B)📹 @andre_zedd Scarpa Spa @scarpa_climb E9 @docrock_official 27 Crags #bouldering #climbing…

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