Pietro Biagini

Pietro Biagini

Lavagna, 2000

He began his career as a climber at the age of seven.

He has been an athlete of the Italian National team since 2014, when he took part in 28 international competitions.

From 2014 to 2016 he took part in Lead and Boulder competitions, scoring 5 podiums, as well as many other important positions. In 2016 he won the Italian Junior Cup for the Lead discipline. In 2017 he officially entered the Senior World Cup in Arco and was ranked ninth for the youth qualification at the Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

Outdoors he solved his first 7a at 11, his first 8a at 13, and his first 8B at 14. He has over 200 routes above the eighth grade, including 14 8c and 2 8c+. He also sent boulders up to 8B.

This is what he says: “I have been climbing since I was a child; both in comps and rock routes I always do my best. Lately I’m dedicating myself to the combination of all three specialties to try to realize the Olympic dream”.

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