Valentina Graziosi

Valentina Graziosi

Journalist and TV author for over 15 years. Today also Councilor for Education and Instruction of Novara Council.

She graduated in Jurisprudence with a thesis in criminology, later she specialized in Creative Writing and obtained a Masters in Sport and Business Management.

For over 15 years she has been a television author for the main national networks:

  • Rete4: Quarto Grado, Terzo Indizio, La strada dei miracoli, Top Secret, Donna Avventura, Blu Beach Paradyse Story
  • Italia1: Fattore Umano
  • Sky canale 214 bike channel: In bici con Filippa (con Filippa Lagerback)
  • Deejay TV: Le strade di Max (con Max Pezzali)
  • Rai3: Volo in diretta (con Fabio Volo)
  • Sky canale 412 mt channel: Macchina Del Tempo
  • Sky canale 112 Fox Crime
valentina graziosi milano climbing expo urban wall arrampicata

The love for sport has also led her to wear the Italian blue shirt in various specialties:

  • volleyball and skis practiced at a competitive level for 15 years: Italian championships, national championship B1 series and international tournaments
  • member of the National Skeleton Squad, seasons 1999-2001: participation in the European Cup and World Cup competitions
  • first Italian woman to take part in a BOB pilots course on the Cortina track
  • thanks to her passion for the sea which includes the boat license, the SSI diving license, the swimming pool assistant license, internal waters, open sea
  • currently her first passion is the mountains: skiing, ski mountaineering, climbing in crags and high altitude ascents

She described herselves as follows: “I grew up with sport: for this reason, even today, I consider myself an athlete. No longer agonist in the strict sense, but I am and I will always be in all things in life. Loyalty, commitment, determination, sacrifice and fun are all things that sport has taught me and that are part of me. I love nature in all its forms. I like to measure myself and improve myself … at least I try! I always look at life with a smile and irony”