Laura Rogora

Laura Rogora

Roma, 2001

From her first climb for fun with mom and dad, Laura became the absolute Italian champion in Lead and Boulder.

In addition to being one of the youngest climbers to send an 8B on-sight (from Batuka in Margalef and Codigo Norte in Santa Linya), with the repetition of Grandi Gesti (Sperlonga, near Rome) she became the first Italian climber to send a 9A route. 2 more 9a followed, Joe-cita in Oliana (2018) and Esclatamasters in Perles (2019).

From 2015 she started to participate in the competitions of the European Youth Climbing Cup, both in Lead and Boulder, winning several stages: a stage in Lead in 2015, two stages in Boulder and one in Lead in 2016, a stage in Lead in 2017 and two stages in Lead in 2018. In the Youth Climbing World Championship, she became Lead champion in 2016 and silver medal in 2018. in 2015 and 2016 She also won the Italian Lead and Boulder Championship in 2015 and 2016.

In August 2018 she represented Italy at the Climbing Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires reaching the 10th place, just out of finals.