Michele Maggioni

Michele Maggioni

Milano, 1976

He is an Alpine Guide and National Guide Instructor. He describes himself as follows:

“Making the Guide and the Instructor were my only job, in these years I have been in many places around the world, both for work and for passion.

Everything was perfect but in 2013 I had a car accident that made me spend 4 years of suffering and in 2017 I decided to amputate a part of my left leg.

Since then everything has returned to turn in the right direction! I started back doing all the activities: mountaineering, climbing, skiing, trekking, but above all I can go back to being a Mountain Guide! My great passion for climbing and my good starting level allowed me to be called by the national team, take part in some world cup competitions and be selected for the world championships in Innsbruck but, unfortunately, I broke a foot just before and I had to give up.

Often I am climbing to the cliff or the gym and I find myself talking to people to make them understand that not having half a leg is not a limit and that nothing in life can hinder us, stopping us.

Here, very quickly this is my story, what I would like to make people understand that disability is purely a cultural / mental construction a bit ‘like believing that a mountain, a pull of a rope or a slope are impossible to climb, send, ski…”