Pietro Dal Pra

Pietro Dal Pra

Vicenza, 1971

He began to frequent the mountain as a child with his family. He moves his first steps on the rock with his father in the Dolomites, but it is in the crags at the bottom of the valley that he begins to seriously dedicate to climbing .. Thanks to a totalizing passion and a certain predisposition burns the stages and still very young sent climbing routes of extreme difficulty, probably among the most challenging in the mid-eighties in Italy and in the most famous cliffs of ‘Europe in the south of France.

Between the ages of fourteen and seventeen he is the youngest climber in the world to climb on extreme difficulties. Then, at the end of the studies, the adventures of sport climbing at low altitude do not satisfy him completely anymore and the need to move and breathe in the great alpine areas leads him to discover the walls of the Dolomites and the Alps. For the desire to live on a daily basis the mountains, even in a professional sense, become a mountain guide at the age of twenty-one. Parallel to this profession, which exercises almost full time, Pietro continues to frequent the mountains during all seasons and on the Dolomites walls he signs some of the most beautiful climbs, in all styles, alone or with companions, in summer and winter, in first ascents or in repetition of the most important itineraries.

In addition to the Dolomites, sent routes of extreme difficulty on many rocks in the world, from Patagonia to North America. What most characterized the activity of Pietro Dal Pra is the variety of styles of climbing he faced. His great passion for climbing in all its forms, led him to climb on all types of walls and rocks, from those of a few meters where the goal is to reach the maximum difficulty in total safety, at the great alpine walls and not only, theater for Pietro of a clean mountaineering, dictated by the simple desire to live the vertical world and not from that of producing mountaineering enterprises. What has made Pietro Dal Pra one of the few eclectic climbers in the world, is his desire for ever new vertical experiences, combined with a great style of climbing.

Some important climbs:

Dolomites. Solo: Via Zauberlhirling at Cima Scotoni, second rip. and first solo, probably the most difficult solo ascent on the Alps. First ascents: opening of the “Forty years from the top” and “Lux”, on the south of the Tofana di Rozes.

In Patagonia. First ascents: opening of Pepe Rajo, the first route on the north face of Cerro Piergiorgio.

United States. At Capitain repetition of the Salathè route and repetitions of important free climbing routes of various lengths. Free climbing on multi-pitch routes.

Ratikon (Switzerland): third and fastest repetition of Silbergeier, one of the most beautiful and challenging mountain climbing routes in the world.

Sardinia: First free ascent of Hotel Supramonte, the most challenging climbing route free of more pitches in Italy.

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